More packaging for your pound, more trees in our fields!

We have been banging on about the benefits of packing in used boxes for many years and the attached photo demonstrates one of the advantages perfectly, more boxes for your pound!

On the left is a pallet of used boxes, on the right a pallet of brand new boxes of a similar size, quality and capacity. The cost of each pallet is the same but there are 450 used boxes for the price of 295 new boxes so in this instance 52% more boxes for your money!

As well as the obvious financial benefits there are environmental benefits too, every time a box is reused the demand for new boxes is reduced, consequently less trees are cut down to make to make new boxes.

Finally, packing your products in used boxes could reduce your liabilities under The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007, follow the link to paragraph 4 of this article for more information: