Options for Your Cardboard Waste

What do large producers of cardboard waste, such as manufacturers, do with their used boxes?

Knowing the route to take in making a business more sustainable can be difficult. When it comes to cardboard waste, we're here to make things easy.

Large producers of cardboard waste often bale their boxes and send them to be pulped. Recycling might be the obvious path to take, but it's losing them extra revenue and it's certainly not the eco-friendly thing to do.

When cardboard boxes are baled and pulped they're mostly recycled into... cardboard boxes. So why waste all that energy to turn a box back into a box?

We rescue these boxes and sell them to a queue of customers wanting good quality used boxes. This generates extra revenue for the waste producer and gives our customers a cheaper option to new boxes. In the process, each company involved improves their sustainability efforts. It's a win-win situation.

To find out more about our scheme, visit our reuse page here.