Sustainable Business - Are You Responding to Consumer Demand?

Why are companies increasingly concerned with environmental impact? We'll explain the reasons why big brands are drawn to our cardboard box reuse scheme, and why you should be thinking about sustainability in your business.

Some of our clients are large multi-national brands looking for a number of options for trading more sustainably, and the answer lies in our cardboard box reuse scheme when dealing with waste. Some have zero waste to landfill policies, some want to streamline their processes, and some want to maximise revenues while remaining environmentally conscious. Most want all of the above.

But why are companies increasingly concerned with environmental impact?

The first reason is that businesses now understand that they have a responsibility to reduce their impact on the world.

Secondly, protecting and strengthening resources ensures that business can remain viable into the future by sustaining materials and inputs. 

And thirdly, consumer demand for ethical and environmentally conscious behaviour is becoming more and more critical.

So, does this apply to small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) too?

Of course. And if you want to trade with large companies you'll need to meet their supply chain policies too, which increasingly require information and knowledge of resource use and carbon footprint. Businesses are being held accountable for their actions, and customers are caring more and more. After all, change starts from each of us at an individual level too, and our own consumer choices are a big part of that.

Get ahead of the game by understanding the impacts your business could be having on the environment and the improvements you could make. Your customers will thank you for it. And as we noted back in September last year, companies who build sustainability into their core strategies secure a higher return on investment.