New Instructional Videos: Assembly Demonstrations

You may be familiar with our previous series of instructional videos released last year. Well, we've released some more, including assembly of our new box of the month!

Sometimes it can be tricky to figure out which flaps fold where and in what order on certain types of boxes, especially long tuck folding boxes and ones with a self-locking base.

If you're in a hurry to assemble one of these boxes it can be frustrating trying to work it out for yourself, but the strength and stability of the boxes once assembled really pays off.

These short videos will show you how to get it right first time.

New video 1: BOX OF THE MONTH! (AE556) - Assembling a box with a four corner glued base (link)

New Video 2: How to assemble a long tuck folding box (link)

New Video 3: How to assemble a cardboard box with a self-locking base (AB054) (link)