Have You Seen Our Instructional Video Series?

Back in early 2014 we compiled a series of videos which answered our most frequently asked questions...

Our YouTube channel hosts a variety of videos explaining some box basics as well as some slightly more complex assembly videos.

Box Basics:

How to measure a cardboard box [here]

How to use a self-locking base [here]

Self-locking bases part 2 [here]

Third type of self-locking base [here]

Cardboard and Pallet Box Assembly:

How to assemble an archive box [here]  

How to assemble a pallet box [here]

Assembling a pallet box with pallet attached [here]

These videos were designed to take the confusion out of the process. No longer do you need to work out the best way to do it - simply watch these videos and copy them in your warehouse or facility for speed and ease.

Don't forget to check out the video about our cardboard box reuse scheme too [here].