Top Sadlers News of 2014

2014 was a big year for Sadlers with lots of new events, product launches and schemes running throughout. Find out our top 5 news posts and more here.

In 2014 we posted lots of news about developments not only at Sadlers but of the industry in general and here are the top 5 posts you enjoyed the most.

5. Brand New Strapping and Sealing Tools

Early in 2014 we launched a new range of tools designed to help with strapping and sealing boxes, alongside a series of YouTube videos showing effective methods for sealing pallet boxes. The products and videos proved to be very popular.

4. Sadlers Appeal for Redundant Stock

Much of our business is in used second hand boxes but every now and then we also appeal for redundant stock - those boxes you never used and don't need anymore. If you have any redundant stock get in touch.

3. Are You Looking for Pallet Boxes?

You obviously are, because this was our third most popular blog post of 2014. We always have quality pallet boxes in stock at competitive prices.

2. Sadlers and Post-War Ammunition Boxes

Last year we started a mini 'did you know?' series and started it off with a bit of Sadlers history about our beginnings in the trade of ammunition boxes (pictured). It was of interest to both our customers and history buffs alike.

1. Deputy Leader of the Green Party Visits Sadlers

Unsurprisingly, our top story of last year was the news that Will Duckworth, Dudley councillor and deputy leader of the Green Party came to visit Sadlers to discuss reuse. He shares our passion for reducing and reusing over recycling and it was great to share ideas and knowledge on the subject.

2014 was also the year that we exhibited at the Resource Efficiency and Waste Management Solutions exhibition. Not only that but we won bronze at the Zero Waste Awards too! There will be more on that coming soon, plus continued developments in cardboard waste management throughout 2015.