Top 5 Creative Uses for Cardboard Boxes

Earlier this year we linked to a fantastic article about used cardboard boxes that had been upcycled into stylish eco-chairs. But that's not all you can do with a second hand box...

Creative and clever uses for cardboard boxes are always coming our way and we love all of them, from the quirky and bizarre to the practical and stylish. Here are our top 5 so far:

DIY Smartphone Projector [link]
Quite ingenious.

Cardboard Laptop Stand [link]
Great if you have double or triple wall leftover cardboard.

Fantastic Cardboard Masks [link]
Not just for kids! 

Huge Cardboard Box Maze [link]
Also great on a much smaller scale for pets.

Cardboard Shelves [link]
A great way to organise your garage and storage spaces.

We'll be posting more clever uses for cardboard boxes later in the year.