New Website Visitors: Welcome

The successful launch of our new website less than a year ago has brought a new wave of visitors that continues to grow every day.

We just wanted to say welcome to our new visitors and give a quick guide on finding your way around the site.

Firstly, to find out more about Sadlers including our history and aims, visit the about page.

If you have boxes to sell you may wish to find out more about our cardboard box reuse scheme, which includes information about redundant stock as well as once used boxes.

And finally, if you wish to buy new boxes, used boxes, pallet boxes or a range of packaging materials, start on our boxes page where you can search for a particular box size or type, and use the menus to access our entire range of products.

If you wish to speak to us use the contact page to get in touch, and follow us on social media for updates - the links can be found at the bottom of the page.