3 Cardboard Box Reuse Examples

Sadlers have implemented many successful cardboard box reuse schemes across the country. Here are three mini examples of these, which we will elaborate on in the coming weeks.

Once Used Boxes

We acquired some used boxes which had contained plastic bottles that were supplied to a large household products manufacturer. After a site visit Sadlers recommended a segregation method which returned a three- fold increase in revenue for the producer with very little extra effort.

Used Octabins

A food manufacturer had a real problem disposing of corrugated Octabins. They were simply too big to fit their baler so they were paying a contractor to dispose of them. Sadlers created a reuse market which saved disposal costs and produced a substantial revenue stream for the producer.

Layer Cards

One of the largest suppliers of soft drinks was considering investing a substantial sum in a baler to cope with the volume of layer cards which are a by-product of their bottling processes. Sadlers marketed the product and in a short space of time created a reuse market for their entire volume.

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