Did You Know? Sadlers and Post-War Ammunition Boxes

In the first of our ‘Did You Know?’ series about Sadlers we told you about our early trade in tea chests that came from across the globe and provided strong and sturdy storage for the manufacturing industry... (read more below)

But even before we were buying and selling tea chests, we acquired some interesting post-WWII stock in the form of ammunition boxes.

These ammo boxes would probably be popular collector's items these days but back in the 50s they were in demand for storage and transport of items requiring strong casing. It just goes to show that the spirit of reuse has run through Sadlers right from the start. First ammo boxes, then tea chests, and now a vast range of second hand cardboard boxes.

We are constantly trying to raise awareness of reuse as the first port of call before recycling is considered. Recycling involves processing and reforming a product, whether it's a cardboard box or a piece of paper or anything else with potential for further usage, but reuse involves no processing and saves energy, resources and money. Cardboard box reuse is our speciality so if you have stock of once used boxes get in touch on 0121 772 5200.