Q&A with Sadlers in MRW

Last April Materials Recycling World, a magazine providing recycling and waste management news, published a Q&A with managing director Mike Sadler about the company's history and today's marketplace. Here's a snippet from that interview.

What is your business?
Sadlers was established by my grandfather late in the 1940s, and he sold ex-army ammunition boxes in the Birmingham area. The business evolved to sell refurbished wooden boxes, pallets and tea chests. We then started to recover and sell reusable cardboard boxes in the late 1970s. Crushing and pulping perfectly good boxes and converting them back into boxes is a waste of energy and resources.

Where do your boxes come from?
Our main suppliers are large manufacturing organisations, mainly in the food, drink, health & beauty and pharmaceutical industries.

Have you seen any change in business in recent years?
A few years ago ‘recycle' was the buzzword but now ‘reuse' has priority. We are experiencing keen interest on the basis of the environmental credentials of our scheme. Cardboard box reuse is not only the best environmental solution but it is a much better financial option, with increased revenue guaranteed for the long term.

MRW subscribers can read the full interview here.