Did You Know? A Thriving Tea Chest Trade

In the first of our ‘Did You Know?’ series about Sadlers we wanted to tell you about our humble beginnings as traders in tea chests which were in particular demand from removal companies and manufacturers and were used to store and transport heavy engineering products and brassware amongst other items.

Tea chests provided strong and sturdy storage and transport solutions and were in ready supply from the major tea factories such as Typhoo, Tetley's, the Co-Op, Brooke Bond, Ridgeways and Twinings. The tea chests were sourced from places like Russia, China and the African continent, and ended up in our warehouse in Birmingham where they were then sold on.

At the peak of the tea chest trade we sold 3,000 per week and it was one of the early examples of reuse. Nowadays our reuse scheme is thriving in the buying and selling of second hand cardboard boxes and redundant stock, continuing our commitment to providing waste disposal that saves both energy and resources.

Find out more about our cardboard box reuse scheme here.