Should Cardboard Boxes Carry a Reuse Symbol?

Should cardboard boxes carry a reuse symbol as well as a recycling symbol? For many years cardboard boxes have carried printed recycling symbols as a reminder to recycle, but cardboard boxes can be reused too and when thinking large scale, people don't always realise.

Cardboard boxes are generally of sufficient quality to be used again so why waste energy baling them? The material has a higher value for reuse than it has for recycling so large producers of waste cardboard could see a dramatic increase in revenue as well as diverting large volumes of their waste to reuse.

Of course once boxes have been used for a second time they still recycle so reuse has reduced the consumption of energy, paper and trees but only delayed the supply of material for recycling.

We should all wise-up to the principles of reuse, including reuse symbols on boxes would serve to highlight the possibilities and encourage reuse.

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