Sadlers Press Release Jan 22nd 2014

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In recent years awareness of cardboard box recycling has increased as large organisations have moved towards a more environmentally friendly option for disposal. Cardboard is often sold to a waste paper processor or paper mill, pulped, converted to paper and then made back into boxes again.

While this is better than sending boxes to landfill it begs the question; why send boxes to be recycled back into boxes? The process involved in doing this is far from energy efficient and continues to damage the environment. There are costs associated with this too, such as collection and sorting charges. Companies who recycle their boxes in this way may not realise that there's a much simpler and more efficient method: cardboard box reuse.

Sadlers Carton Stockholders Limited is a family run business based in Birmingham that has been leading the way in cardboard box reuse since the 1950s. Their highly successful reuse scheme provides a substantially higher financial return than any other waste cardboard disposal process as well as being the most environmentally friendly disposal route.

The principles of the scheme revolve around segregating perfectly good boxes from factory generated waste cardboard and diverting them for reuse instead of pulping and processing them unnecessarily. During the collection process they deliver used boxes to their customers along the way, reducing the environmental impact further.

Trading in used cardboard boxes reduces the demand for paper and energy, ultimately saving trees.

More and more blue chip companies are realising the facts about cardboard processing and switching to box reuse but there's still plenty more to be done to get the message out there.

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