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About Us

  • Family run company established over 60 years.
  • Actively promoting the principles and benefits of cardboard box reuse.
  • Delivering low cost, environmentally friendly packaging solutions to our customers.
  • Huge stocks ensuring fast response and continuity of supply.
  • Committed to quality and reliability for both customers and suppliers.
  • Vastly experienced team of dedicated and well-motivated people.

About Us

Actively promoting the principles and benefits of cardboard box reuse to our customers and to producers of cardboard waste.

Sadlers are specialist suppliers of once used cardboard boxes with a vast stock range and a substantial stockholding facility delivering low cost, environmentally friendly packaging solutions to our customers. In addition we initiate cardboard box reuse schemes with volume producers of cardboard waste.

Specialist Suppliers of Cardboard Boxes

Established in the 1950s Harry Sadler started the business trading in ex-army steel and wooden ammunition boxes which came from army ordinance depots throughout the country. Frank Sadler joined his father Harry and evolved the business to include the refurbishment and re-sale of wooden packing crates and pallets which were generated by the thriving motor industry in and around the Midlands. Early in the 1970s Frank was joined by his sons Mike and Rob at a time when the principle of segregating used boxes from cardboard waste was being established.

We quickly established a healthy demand from our local customers and the business expanded rapidly as we originated cardboard box reuse schemes across the country. We are proud to have been one of the pioneers of the principles of reclaiming used boxes from cardboard waste for the purpose of reuse.

In 2010 we launched our online business which has enabled us to sell to customers both in the UK and in Europe. Today we operate from a modern warehouse complex in the heart of the country where we process millions of used boxes. Substantial reuse schemes are in place with many international manufacturers of food, drink and household goods. The next generation of Sadlers have now joined the company to carry on the family tradition, further expansion is planned with development based on sound principles that have ensured continuity for over 60 years of trading.

For buyers of cardboard boxes...

Generally when you have products to ship you choose to pack in cardboard boxes. You either buy from a box manufacturer who will make to your specific requirements or you will buy from a cardboard box stockist who will supply their nearest equivalent. Great, job done but is that the best solution?

Cardboard boxes are not cheap, lots of energy is used to make paper and then to make boxes so they are a substantial cost and a drain on your profits, but do you really need to pack in brand new boxes? If your requirement is to ship your products in cheap but suitably robust boxes then why not consider our range of used boxes? We carry huge stocks in a wide range of sizes selling substantially cheaper than new boxes. All boxes are sorted and graded to the highest standard so check out our used boxes now!

For producers of waste cardboard...

Generating waste cardboard is a very frustrating business. One minute cardboard is in short supply, prices are rising fast and companies are beating down your door to buy this valuable commodity, then suddenly the bottom drops out of the market, those excited buyers vanish into thin air and you cannot give away your waste without being charged for the privilege. Very frustrating indeed!

Good news! There is an alternative. By segregating used boxes from your cardboard waste stream and selling them to us you will generate a much higher price which is guaranteed for a minimum of twelve months. Our scheme is extremely environmentally friendly and generates a consistent and reliable source of revenue with very little extra effort. Become involved with one of the finest examples of recycling and reuse there is today, go to our cardboard box reuse page for more information.